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Netherlands Reactor Down

Posted on February 3rd, by bruce in News. Comments Off on Netherlands Reactor Down


Closer inspection of the reactor in Petten

While preparing for the start-up of the reactor during the planned maintenance stop which started on 11 November 2012, NRG discovered an abnormality in the cooling water system of the reactor. Consequently, the start-up of the reactor has been postponed. An investigation has been started immediately to find out the nature, extent and cause of this abnormality. In addition to a visual inspection, a safety analysis has being conducted. The results should offer more insight in the nature of the abnormality. NRG are reporting the progress and status of the investigation to the competent authorities. There is no question of any risk to staff or the environment.

NRG is as of yet unable to indicate when the reactor will be started up again. In cooperation with AIPES, a global organisation bringing together manufacturers and users of medical isotopes; all efforts are being made to maintain continuity in the production of medical isotopes in an optimal way. NRG expects to be able to provide more information by mid-December.

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