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Iodine-123 Technical Data
Product: Sodium Iodide I-123
Product Code: I123-01
Indications: Sodium Iodide [I-123] can be used to prepare various radiopharmaceuticals for selective organ imaging of the brain, thyroid and heart, and systemic disease such as cancer.
Origin: Denton, TX
Type: Radiochemical
Half-Life: 13.2 hours
Chemical Form: Sodium Iodide in 0.02N NaOH or Sodium Iodide in 0.1N NaOH
Physical Form: Liquid with or without stabilizer, or Dry from 0.1 N NaOH
Nuclear Reaction:
Radionuclidic Purity: ≥99.2%, Other Radionuclides ≤0.8%
Radiochemical Purity: Iodide ≥95.0%, Iodate ≤5.0%
pH >7
Specific Activity:
Identity I-123: Major peak at 159 keV
Activity Concentration: ≥25 mCi/mL
Calibration: 20:00 day of manufacture
Unit of Sale: millicurie
Expiration: 48 hours after calibration
Production Schedule: Daily
Delivery: FOB Denton, Texas
Ordering Deadline: 5 days prior of day of shipment
* At time of calibration